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Cover a Saturday, and We’ll feed the community for a year!

Make a difference in your community - fund the cost of our food.

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The Stone Soup Cafe's mission is to provide a community space where people from all walks of life come together to share nourishment, connection, and learning for body, mind, and spirit.

Who We Are:

• A "pay-what-you-can" Café that serves an average of 350 meals per week to over 200 patrons, 70-80% of which live below the poverty line. • Our food is sourced locally, healthy and lovingly cooked from scratch focusing on nutrition (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free) and a variety of cuisines. World celebrations and food are highlighted weekly.

• We operate with roughly 30 volunteers per week who over the course of a year donate in excess of 5,000+ hours of their time.

• We work with inmates at the pre-release program from the Franklin County correctional facility as well as local high schools colleges and universities for community service projects, work study, and internships.

• We provide a safe space where neighbors get to know one another, laugh, and share good food. For many, this is the highlight of their week.

"Every ingredient counts – especially YOU!"