Keep us cooking! Let's turn up the heat through the end of the year!  image

Keep us cooking! Let's turn up the heat through the end of the year!

Stone Soup Café's End-of-Year Giving Campaign

$129,987 raised

$100,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

We need your help to keep our soup pot stocked!

So much has happened this year at the Stone Soup Café and we want to share our triumphs with you! We are excited to announce that we are now our own 501c3 non-profit organization! We also are thrilled to share our story that was featured in the Washington Post:

At Stone Soup Café we are always cooking up ways to build community and solidarity. We are serving hundreds of hot, gourmet, from-scratch meals every Saturday. It’s like the best parts of a true thanksgiving celebration every weekend - we share a bountiful meal from many local sources, with love and gratitude for all who choose to join us! All walks of life gather, we work together, we tell stories, we share sustenance, energy and care for one another. We challenge the colonialist and capitalist systems that divide us. We co-create new ways to recognize our interdependence and humanity one nutritious meal at a time.

The poet and activist Audre Lorde wrote “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

At Stone Soup we celebrate and thrive on one another's unique attributes and skills. All are welcomed and valued. We are so grateful to every member of our community who participates in our meal service each weekend. Our work could not happen without our dedicated volunteers and you, our donors.

The Covid-19 pandemic served up some challenges for sure, but ultimately made us stronger and more creative. It also increased our costs significantly! We are serving so many more meals each week. We pivoted from dining together inside to offering take-out and delivery. We took all the best things about being indoors together, like mixing our friendly volunteers with our guests, having colorful signage and art on display, and moved it all outside. More people than ever are needing our delicious meals so we increased our capacity without missing a beat. We now serve between 350-400 meals on a regular basis.

Our pay-what-you-can model is flexible and all-inclusive by design. Anyone can get their meals regardless of their ability to pay. There is a donation box at our curbside pickup and online payment options. We know that about 80% of our guests live below the poverty line, so we ask those neighbors and local businesses that can, to pay it forward and support our community.

We need your help! Here are some donation ideas to keep us cooking!

  • Veggies - to keep us healthy for $25
  • Soup - to get us started for $50
  • Ladle - to spoon out the goodness for $100
  • Dessert - to sweeten the deal for $250
  • Pot - to contain and sustain our efforts $500
  • Main Dish - to bring on the protein for $1,000
  • Fire- to be the flame! $5,000

At Stone Soup Café we say “Yes” to good food, to people, to giving and receiving help, to justice, to love, to art, to new ideas, to creating new partnerships, and to building a better, healthier community.

In these divisive times, aren’t you inspired by the work we are doing to bring people together? Can you help us to continue this important bridging work? Come join our team, and support us. Give generously and spread the word about our wonderful Stone Soup Café!

With much gratitude!

The Stone Soup Team