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Our Annual Meal Appeal Fundraiser

$30 raised

$1,000 goal


Our goal is to raise $1,000 in recurring weekly donations!

What We Do:

  • Every Saturday, Stone Soup Café cooks over 400 delicious meals to share with our community at a "Pay-What-You-Can" price.
  • Our food is sourced locally and lovingly cooked from scratch focusing on nutrition and a variety of cuisines.
  • Each meal is a 3-course feast! You can receive a soup, a salad, a vegan or meat main course, a yummy dessert, plus a local kombucha or maple soda drink!
  • Over 60 volunteers per week donate 5,000 hours of their time per year.
  • 70-80% of our guests live below the poverty line.
  • We provide a safe space where neighbors get to know one another, laugh, and share good food. For many, this is the highlight of their week.

Our Annual Meal Appeal Campaign:

  • Our goal is to raise $1,000 in weekly recurring donations!!
  • On average, Stone Soup Café receives less than $1/meal. However, the meals cost almost $12 to make. We subsidize the difference through donations and grants, which very quickly run out.
  • This year, for our "Meal Appeal" fundraiser, we are asking YOU, our beloved community, to pay-it-forward! Can you donate $10/week to pay for a neighbor's meal?
  • If our community subsidizes 100 people's meals each week, that amounts to $1,000/week or $52,000 for the whole year!
  • Sign up now for a $10 recurring donation! Or enter a custom amount at the level that works for you!